The Vampigirls

Kiuna Zinshidar
Native writing

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(SFW only)
Nickname Zinar
They are true-blood vampires, meaning they are not undeads, can stay in the sunlight without being vaporised, and don't need to drink blood to survive (but they still like its taste). They are still immortals.
26 yo Age Unknown (but old)
180cm Height 171cm
Very pale pinkish Skin colour Light grey
Vertical pupil
Eyes Yellow
Horizontal pupil
Pointy, like a vampire. Or the elves in Lord of the Ring. (for a photo reference, click the link at the bottom)
Very long Hairstyle Bob cut
Lava Red Hair colour Navy Blue
Thin with a fork head, like a snake's
Tongue Yellow
Sticky and extensible, like a frog's/Yoshi's
Fit, slightly muscular
Average bust size
Thin silhouette
Body shape Athletic, muscular
Big bust
Wider shoulders/hips than Kiuna
Classy and gothic dresses, mostly black and red. With high heel boots. Clothes style Schoolgirl-like:
white shirt
purple tie
black/green/purple tartan skirt
Plain sneakers
A black necklace, and some silver rings. Jewellery Rings at the top of her right ear.
Joyful, mischievous. Traits Master of the poker face, doesn't show much emotion yet cares about others.
Physical traits Has a birthmark/angioma that looks like flames under her left eye, and her right fang is broken.
Can talk to certain small animals races (bats, dogs, birds).
Has infrared vision.
Can extend her nails into ~5cm claws.
Can levitate above surface (even the ceiling).
Abilities Can control her "age" appearance.
Can smell someone she knows well on extreme distances.
Has retractable wings (that "disappear" inside her body)
Can extend her nails into ~30cm claws.
Can transform into a giant humanoid bat.
A corgi named Grinzaan Pets A white and round hen named Malan that likes to sit on Zinar's head.
Always has had admiration for her mentor and model Zinshidar, that she sees more like a big sister than a master.
Sometimes it feels it's more than just admiration...
Relationship Saw Kiuna grow up and is helping her handle her abilities.
Likes her mischievous protégée even though sometimes she's a bit tiring.
Kiuna sends strange signals sometimes...
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